Caviar in Astrakhan Region

The first record of caviar in Astrakhan Region was mentioning the Batu Khan's (grandson of Genghis Khan) feasts when the monks of Uglich served caviar to the Mongol ruler.


First export of Russian caviar to Europe

Dutch merchants believed to be the first traders who exported Russian caviar to Western Europe via Arkhangelsk.


Peter the Great

Peter the Great regulates the Caspian Sea caviar production and export to Europe.


Soviet times caviar export

Black Caviar from Caspian Sea is one of the most exported commodities during USSR times.


Beluga Farm vision is born

Beluga Farm together with Caspian Scientific Research Institute of Fisheries (CaspNIRKh) started the practice of lifetime production of caviar.


Caviar export ban

Russia bans export of caviar in recognition of declined population of wild sturgeon.


Beluga Farm exports fertilised caviar

Beluga Farm exports 50kg of fertilised caviar to the aquafarms around the world.


First Import to Australia

Beluga Farm caviar imported to Australia.



Beluga Caviar embraces the flavours of Astrakhan heritage, enfolds Caspian traditions and embodies Russian history.