Exceptional Caviar takes heritage and traditions

For centuries, Astrakhan region has retained its status as the historical and cultural centre of the Volga region. And what the locals particularly value is their handicraft past. All Astrakhan people are literally fishermen from birth. Since ancient times, fishing has been the livelihood for those who lived on the lower Volga

Created with love since generations

We always say that our approach is modern, and our recipes are originally Astrakhan recipes. We have experts working in our production facilities, most of them are native Astrakhan residents. We remember from childhood what people used to cook on the banks of the Volga River, we know recipes from our mothers and grandmothers.

…The soul of our production is people, not technology, which is why we have managed to preserve the unique taste of all our products for so many years.

Marina Novichkova

The Team

Our specialized team knows the sturgeon, it’s well being and habitat. No caviar is harvested until the weather condition is right and carefully selected species are scanned by modern equipment.

CEO of Beluga Farm

Olesya Sergeeva

Olesya Sergeeva has been working on our farm for many years. She is shouldering a large successful farm.

Olesya is the life and soul of our farm and an attentive “mother”, whose love and care are there for more than tens of thousands of “children”. Therefore, no one will talk about the work of the farm better than she does.

Growing our fish, we do not violate the natural biology of the species, do not stimulate natural processes with hormones or temperature.

Founder of Beluga Farm

Evgeniy Aptekar

I have love for fishing and for Astrakhan nature. I have observed all this since childhood, taking an example from my father Efim Aptekar and his brother Semyon Aptekar.

There were first aquaculture experiments. We tried to keep and breed sturgeons in cages (nurseries, ponds). This is how the history of the Beluga company began. It originated and developed as an integral part of the centuries-old history. Of the Astrakhan region and its unique nature. Looking back, we realise that in the very beginning there was neither sufficient knowledge nor experience, but there were aspirations and dreams of people close to us.

Head Production Manger

Marina Novichkova

One of the most prominent members of our team is Marina Novichkova. Today, thanks to her talent and high professionalism, the big heart of Beluga Farm production beats. We are proud to work along with such a bright person that has invaluable wealth of caviar recipes and local caviar creation secrets from Astrakhan.

The Approach

These are the key components that provide assurance of the finest quality and the flavour of our caviar.